Juneau is accessible by boat or plane only.
Juneau is accessible by boat or plane only.

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Getting Here & Transportation
Low Airfares for Flights Make Juneau More Affordable This Summer
Historically low airfares, eh? We say “yes!” With the healthy competition between Delta and Alaska Airlines, the two major carriers with flights Juneau, visitors this summer can enjoy lower fares from Seattle to Juneau than have been seen in 15+ years.

How low, you say? Checking with both Delta and Alaska Air for arrival in Juneau from Seattle starting May 16, tickets are available for around 190 round trip. For a destination that has seen prices ranging between $400-$600 for this same itinerary for many years, we do say “low!”

So we invite you to come and experience Juneau, Alaska’s beautiful capital city, where whales leap out of the water, glaciers calve huge icebergs before your eyes, and bald eagles are a common sight. We are an adventure destination with great lodging options for all budgets and some of the best food in Alaska.

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Not flying in?

Technically, you can't drive to Juneau - but you can put your car on a ferry. The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) is our floating roadway that serves as Southeast Alaska's main marine transportation system. You can enter or depart the region via Bellingham, Washington; Prince Rupert, British Columbia; Haines, Alaska; or Skagway, Alaska. The Alaska ferry system connects smaller communities to one another and to regional centers of commerce and government. To learn more, visit www.ferryalaska.com or call 800-642-0066.

Getting Around Town

Juneau's main highway extends about 45 miles along the mountainous coastline. Rental cars, taxis, and limo service are available, easy Juneau transportation options to Mendenhall Glacier and other local attractions. The public bus system is an additional mode of transportation for locals and visitors.

By the way, Juneau's cabs all charge the same rates due to city ordinances, so no worries there.