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Save up to $1,200/week on Small Ship Alaska Cruises

UnCruise defines adventure in Alaska Calving glaciers, isolated fjords, breaching whales, and you—smack dab in the middle of it. And with only 22-90 guests aboard, UnCruise gets off the boat and into the wilderness where others simply can't. Boots on the ground for a beachcomb or bushwhack, paddle a kayak or hop on a paddle board, and kick-back on a skiff. There are guided, small-group activities each day, and you get to choose. Explore the unexpected. Our captains and ships are flexible. When we see something cool, we go check it out. Adventure means changing course for AHA moments. The wildlife. Whales, sea lions, and otters in the water. Eagles and oystercatchers above. And bears, moose, and mountain goats ashore. In these remote places, there are plenty of locals to meet. Relaxed and easy-going. Like-minded travelers become new-found friends over casual (and delicious!) meals, evenings in the lounge, and adventures. Adventure, place, and connection are at the heart of our 7- to 14-night adventure cruises. Join us in Alaska and make them a part of yours. Small ships, BIG adventures. SAVE on select 2019 spring & summer Alaska departures:* * $1,200/couple ($600/person) savings on select 7-night cruises aboard the S.S. Legacy; Commander cabin only (Savings are double, $2,400/couple ($1,200/person) on our 14-night, August 16 departure) * $1,000/couple ($500/person) savings on select 7-night cruises aboard Wilderness Discoverer, Wilderness Adventurer, and Wilderness Explorer; excludes Navigator cabins * Single Supplement Waived on select 7- and 14-night cruises aboard the S.S. Legacy; Commander cabin only** Small ships, BIG adventures. Click to learn more and order your free brochure.

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Phone: (206) 284-0300
Toll Free: (888) 862-8881

UnCruise IS adventure in Alaska. Calving glaciers, secluded coves, isolated fjords—UnCruise goes there. And with only 22-90 guests...
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