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Coffee & Collections with Local Author Corinne Conlon

On Saturday, March 9th from 10:30 to noon, the City Museum will host a book signing and presentation with Juneau author Corinne Conlon who recently published Gardening Near Glaciers: Growing Vegetables in Southeast Alaska. Come enjoy a hot cup of coffee and hear Corinne Conlon discuss what it takes to establish a garden in SE Alaska. Conlon’s informative book, Gardening Near Glaciers: Growing Vegetables in Southeast Alaska, provides everything needed to create an abundant garden in SE Alaska and will be available for purchase through the Museum store.

“Gardening in Southeast Alaska is different from other places. We have weather patterns that move slowly, meaning that three solid weeks of rain is not unusual. Our climate requires refining every skill from the gardening toolbox,” states Conlon. “More than a bit of luck is required to have a successful season in Southeast Alaska.”
Corinne Conlon was raised in Wisconsin where gardening was extremely easy compared to growing things in Juneau. She became a Master Gardener in 2011 and wrote the gardening column for the Juneau Empire for three years. She decided to write a book that focused on growing edibles when she found so few books had more than a paragraph or two about our specific conditions. She thinks nothing is better than harvesting your own vegetables and is most happy in her garden or when talking about gardening.

114 W 4th Street, Juneau, AK 99801