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December Art Exhibition: Hit and Miss: Adventures in Textile Reuse by Mary McEwen

Juneau Douglas Museum's December Art Exhibition: 12/02-12/29

A passing comment about local waste a few years ago planted a seed in Mary McEwen’s mind and that
seed grew into the project that is Hit & Miss: Adventures in Textile Reuse. While discussing ways waste
can be diverted from Juneau’s dump, someone commented to McEwen about the lack of local textile
recycling options.
“I wasn’t sure what textile recycling even meant and I stumbled down a rabbit hole of the types and of
the history of textile recycling, from the high-tech (mechanical or chemical separation of fibers) to the
low-tech (rag making), from local resale (thrift stores) to the ship-it-somewhere-else options,” says
When McEwen learned that the proliferation of low-cost, low-quality clothing commonly referred to as
“fast fashion” has thrift stores, donation centers, and neighborhood free boxes overflowing, she
decided to do something about it.
“Not everything can be used and things often end up in the dump. Recent estimates give the Juneau
dump about 20 years before it is full. The U.S. EPA reports about 9 million tons of clothing are landfilled
in the U.S. annually which works out to about 60 pounds for every person. As a fiber artist, I wanted to
explore whether it would be feasible to use textiles that would be otherwise headed to the dump as
materials for creative works,” says McEwen.
McEwen chose to name her exhibition after a traditional style of rag rug called “Hit and Miss” that is
woven from a grab bag of scraps in all different colors and materials. The title Hit & Miss: Adventures in
Textile Reuse acknowledges that McEwen’s project might be a hit, or it might be a miss. “I’m taking the
angle that while this may not be a serious art, it may be a fun form of waste diversion. The cloth
materials used in the pieces all come from Juneau. I’m referring to this as “locally-sourced garbage.”

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