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JGLT presents “Puffs” by Matt Cox

Juneau Ghost Light Theatre is proud to present “Puffs” by Matt Cox!
This fast-paced magical farce follows a loyal and kind group of students, the Puffs, as they navigate magic and friendship all while Harry is off playing the hero.
This show is sure to be fun for the whole family (some viewer discretion is advised for adult language and humor). If you are a fan of the Potter universe but want to see things from a new POV, this is the show for you! Although, you do not need to be a fan to enjoy this story!
Our magical cast: Jacque Boucher; Wendy Byrnes; Becca Gaguine, Rachel Iafolla; Val Kissel; Hetty LaVerne; Roman Mahanyu; Joshua Midgett; Nomi Saxton; Sarah Wallace; and Ty Yamaoka.
Show dates:
Fri, 2/17 @ 7 pm
Sat, 2/18 @ 7 pm
Sun, 2/19 @ 7 pm
Thurs, 2/23 @ 7 pm
Fri, 2/24 @ 7 pm
Sat, 2/25 @ 2 pm
Sat, 2/25 @ 7 pm
Sun, 2/26 @ 7 pm
Fri, 3/3 @ 7 pm
Sat, 3/4 @ 7 pm
Sun, 3/5 @ 7 pm
Location: Thunder Mountain Auditorium
For questions regarding tickets, please reach out to JGLT at JuneauGhostLightTheatre@gmail.com
Disclaimer: This show is unrelated to a certain book author whose views do not represent or align with those of JGLT.

  • Presented By: Juneau Ghost Light Theatre
  • Dates: 2/17/2023, 2/18/2023, 2/19/2023, 2/23/2023, 2/24/2023, 2/25/2023, 2/26/2023, 3/3/2023, 3/4/2023, 3/5/2023
  • Location: Thunder Mountain High School Auditorium
  • Time: Varying Times see event description for times
  • Price: $25 - General Admission $40 - Master Wizard Ticket (We keep our general admission tickets cheap and accessible. But if you have the means to give more to support the theatre, we will adore you forever.) Tickets available at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/puffs-tickets-507050962077
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