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Juneau Lions Club 74th Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament

From Article posted by KINY "https://www.kinyradio.com/news/news-of-the-north/73rd-annual-gold-medal-basketball-tournament-returns-to-juneau/"


"We open it up at noon on Sunday. Usually, there's an evening performance by some group if we can get them there. On Monday, we have the opening ceremonies in the beginning of the evening at seven o'clock where we have dignitaries that come. We have the presentation of our colors, the national anthem, and we have politicians who want to get their basketball into the court. So we honor them and I understand that we have some officials that will show up for our Monday opening," he said. "Tuesday, we also have some events that may or may not show up, but that's kind of the highlight."

There is also a memorial held.

"Wednesday or Thursday is actually the day that we do the memorial. My dad had a portion of this program set up so if we had lost our loved ones since the last time we were together. We always separate them by eagles and ravens and by the families. We recognize and have a little ceremony in between games. On Friday, we're getting down to the actual winners because remember, this is a double-elimination tournament. You can lose your first one but you better not lose the second one because then you're out."

Finally, he explained Saturday, the last day of the tournament.

"The Hall of Fame is a unique event because we give the opportunity for the players who are already elected to the Hall of Fame to vote on the application that we have received for the new Hall of Fame. So they amongst themselves do their own updating. So we make those awards on Friday. Then Saturday, you better not be late because you can either be there or you'll watch from the outside because, boy, those bleachers are packed," he said. "In typical fashion because of the sportsmanship and the talent that comes to this tournament. Usually, the championship games are either a blowout or they go down to the last minute."

There are 8 B bracket teams, 6 C bracket teams, 6 M bracket teams, and 6 W bracket teams.

The B bracket is the heart of the tournament.

Listen to the team draws here.

Women's Brackets

You must be 18 years of age or older.

The first two teams get bys.

  • The first team to get a by is Angoon. Number two to get a by is Sitka.
  • Pulled next was Kake vs. Yakutat.
  • Pulled next was Hoonah vs. Prince of Wales.

Master's Division

You must be 42 years of age or older.

  • Sitka gets a by, and Klukwan also got a by.
  • Angoon vs. James Gang from Juneau
  • Kake vs. Hoonah

C Bracket

You must be 32 years of age or older.

  • Kake gets another by, and Juneau got a by.
  • Klukwan vs. Yakutat
  • Angoon vs. Hoonah

B Bracket "The Heart of the Tournament"

You must be 18 years of age or older.

There are no bys-it was matchups right out of the gate.

  • Kake vs. Filcom Juneau
  • Metlakatla vs. Hoonah
  • Angoon vs. Hydaburg
  • Yakutat vs. Haines

  • Presented By: Juneau Lions Club
  • Dates: 3/19/2023, 3/20/2023, 3/21/2023, 3/22/2023, 3/23/2023, 3/24/2023, 3/25/2023
  • Location: Juneau Douglas High School
  • Price: Teams interested in participating need to email juneaulions1917@gmail.com stating their interest