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The Tempest

Shakespeare's fantastical adventure returns!
Years ago, Prospero was born a duchess, became a magic user, gave birth to a daughter,
was betrayed by her brother and marooned by her enemy. Now, creating a violent storm,
she maroons her enemies on the same island and faces a hard choice: mercy or vengeance?
Theatre in the Rough once more creates a whole world of theatre magic and, once again, indoors!
Loud noises and some creepy masks may not be appropriate for very young audiences.

Masks will be provided for those without. Given all the givens and having looked at the mitigation
plans of other theatres around the country and in consultation with our board, our boxooffice volunteers,
our cast, and the leadership of our hosts Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, we've decided at last that our
mitigation plan boils down to this one tried and true principle: My mask protests you, your mask protects me.

All the actors have been fully vaccinated since before rehearsals began and will perform unmasked, but everyone
in the audience will wear masks. Please and Thank you.

Runs July 8 to August 1.
Evening curtains at 7:30.
Matinees Juy 25 and August 1. Matinee curtains at 2:00.

  • Presented By: Theatre in the Rough
  • Dates: 7/25/2021, 7/29/2021, 7/30/2021, 7/31/2021, 8/1/2021
  • Location: McPhetres Hall
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Price: $22
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