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Escape Game Alaska

Juneau’s 1st, and only, escape gaming experience offers three adventures to choose from: Rowdy’s Gold Claim (NOW OPEN), Insanity, and Espionage. But, first, WHAT ARE ESCAPE GAMES? You and a team of friends get 'locked' in a room for an hour to search for clues, decode encrypted messages, figure out puzzles, and undo combos and locks in order to complete your mission or 'escape' the room. Don't worry, it's completely safe. Your first escape game will not be your last; you’ll want to do more, promise! Escape games have become popular because who doesn’t want to save the world, find the gold, or escape their doom?? Everyone loves to test their skills and take on a challenge, so come and try to: break a cipher, figure out a secret message, decode an encryption, be the hero 😊 Escape games require you to interact with your friends/co-workers/party crew/family/date and have FUN! No phones, no distractions, just everyone teaming together with a goal. So come check out an adventure and PLAY!

  • Time to Centennial Hall Convention Center: 2
  • Time to Juneau International Airport: 15
  • Days of Operation:
    • Monday
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    • Thursday
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    • Sunday
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150 2nd Street, Juneau, AK 99801