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The Salmon Shoppe

The Salmon Shoppe is located in the Historic Merchant's Wharf building in the downtown Juneau on the waterfront. We carry shelf stable salmon and wild game sausages, such as caribou and reindeer.

What is shelf-stable smoked salmon?

Our smoked salmon has been smoked in the traditional way; freshly harvested then painstakingly smoked using Alaskan Alder. After that, you’d have to freeze or eat it right away. If you want to travel with it, or preserve it for a longer time to give as a gift or enjoy back home with all your memories of Alaska, well then it needs to be shelf-stable. After smoking, our salmon is simply steamed in a retort style package. This allows it to remain fresh at room temperature for around 18 months while still maintaining those flavor profiles and texture Alaskan smoked salmon is famous for. What are a few ways to use our shelf-stable smoked salmon? Crumble it over pasta, or a salad, or make your own homemade salmon spread by folding your smoked salmon into cream cheese with dill and lemon, the possibilities are endless!

We ship everywhere in the USA using USPS.

Business Continuity
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2 Marine Way, Juneau, AK 99801