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Sample Juneau

If you're looking to get the most out of your weekend in Juneau, here is a sample of our award-winning culinary scene, wildlife viewing, history, shopping and physical activity to help you experience the most in a few short days. 


Mendenhall Glacier  - You probably saw it on your flight in so take the 15-minute drive before you check into your lodging to experience the most visited spot in Juneau. The visitor center has a ton of great information and a beautiful short film that is worth taking in. There is also the breathtaking 2 mile out and back trail to Nugget Falls.

Progressive Prohibition Dinner - Juneau Food Tours offers a variety of food tours throughout the day that are rich in Juneau History, but the Prohibitin Dinner gives you an opportunity to get dressed up if you'd like (not required) and experience the culinary scene through a special time in history with your private party.  A secret knock could be required.

Night Cap - After you've finished up a delicious evening downtown, head over to the waterfront Wharf and visit Roma Bistro to close out your night. They have custom craft cocktails and a variety of nightcaps to choose from.

  • Enjoy breakfast at one of the many cafes downtown

  • take in some shopping after and explore a museum. 

  • Hike up Mount Roberts for some great views, explore the trails up top, take the Tram down. 

  • Enjoy a crab dinner on the water



Morning whale watching tour

Lunch at Red Spruce

Arboretum, Shrine of St Therese

Dinner at