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Calendar of Events in Juneau
Get out and do something, why don't ya'?

Check out our calendar for local events in Juneau, festivals, live music and more. Just pick your timeframe and an activity that interests you. It's that easy to find something fun to do. Click on the plus sign to read the details for each event.

If you've never spent 4th of July in Juneau, then this is your year! There's something about small town celebrations that make 4th of July special. Check it out: "Independence Day, the Independent Way"

Juneau Rides
April 18, 2015
Alaska State Improv Festival
April 23, 2015  to
April 26, 2015
Spring King Salmon Derby
May 01, 2015  to
May 31, 2015
29th Annual Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival
May 01, 2015  to
May 16, 2015
Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
May 01, 2015  to
May 24, 2015
Ballet to Broadway
May 01, 2015  to
May 03, 2015
Juneau 1st Friday
May 01, 2015
Comedy Weekend at Suite 907
May 01, 2015  to
May 02, 2015
Juneau Symphony Summer Pops Concert
June 13, 2015  to
June 14, 2015
Weber Dance
June 19, 2015
Juneau 4th of July
July 03, 2015  to
July 04, 2015
Juneau Public Market
November 27, 2015  to
November 29, 2015