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Juneau Weather, Daylight & What To Wear

Common knowledge about an uncommon place

The sun shines, even in the middle of a boreal rain forest. Summer daytime highs generally reach the low-to-mid-60s, but can range above 75. Winter temperatures average 29 degrees. Of course, with 230 days of precipitation, expect rain at some point during your stay.

Juneau falls in the Alaska Time Zone, one hour earlier than Pacific Time and we follow Daylight Savings. Longest day of the year: June 21, 18 hours and 18 minutes; shortest day: Dec. 21, 6 hours and 21 minutes. Juneau summers are really light; Juneau winters are really dark. Plan accordingly. 

When it comes to dressing for Juneau weather, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Even the warmest sunny day can turn cold and rainy (and vice versa). Layers are key for all seasons: t-shirt, sweatshirt or fleece, waterproof outer layer. Also strongly recommended, all seasons: sturdy waterproof footwear.