Welcome to Juneau! Welcome to Juneau! Welcome to Juneau!

Juneau’s Tourism Best Management Practices program is committed to making Alaska’s capital city a great place to live and exceptional place to visit.

TBMP is a collaborative, voluntary initiative among tour operators, cruise lines, transportation providers, and the City and Borough of Juneau.
We strive to responsibly manage the effects of tourism by considering the perspectives of both the local community and the visitor industry, thereby ensuring a positive experience for visitors and a sustainable environment for residents.

Concerns That TBMP Can Help With

Transportation & Vehicles  Includes traffic flow issues, improper vehicle staging, and safe driving throughout Juneau.
Environmental Impacts  Covers reports on wildlife disturbances and noise or emissions from tour activities.
Safety & Compliance  Encompasses non-compliance with TBMP guidelines, unsafe practices, and incorrect path usage by tour operators.
Community Impact  Pertains to tourist activities affecting local life, access to public spaces, and the balance between tourism and community well-being.
Positive Feedback  Includes recognitions for tour operators excelling in sustainable practices and positive community or environmental contributions.