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Become a TBMP Member Today

Join us in shaping a responsible visitor industry that honors our heritage and environment. Click here to access our application and start making a difference.
Join Our Mission
Juneau's visitor industry thrives through a partnership of commitment and community. As active participants in the TBMP voluntary program, our member businesses embody this synergy, working to mitigate the environmental and social impacts of tourism. Each member business not only pledges to uphold the TBMP guidelines but also ensures their team's adherence through informed agreements signed by all employees.
Who Should Join TBMP?
Companies and organizations operating within Juneau's visitor and business sectors are encouraged to join the TBMP program. Eligible participants are those who actively contribute to the local economy and community, typically including over 125 businesses and 2,600 employees each season. Ideal candidates are entities that recognize the importance of minimizing the impact of tourism through responsible management and adherence to community-informed guidelines.
Benefits of Membership
Joining the TBMP program offers businesses the opportunity to align with sustainable tourism initiatives, strengthening community engagement, and environmental stewardship. Membership facilitates access to a network of industry peers, educational resources, and increased visibility through association with responsible tourism practices.