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Juneau's Current Guidelines

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The TBMP guidelines are foundational to promoting responsible tourism in Juneau. They are developed with a community-first approach, ensuring that the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and local lifestyle are preserved. Here are the key areas the guidelines address:
Traffic flow and congestion in tourist areas:
    Compliance with designated vehicle staging and parking rules.
    Adherence to safe driving practices near tourist attractions.
Environmental Impact:
    Observations of pollution or littering by tourism operations.
    Concerns related to wildlife disturbances by tour activities.
    Reports of excessive noise or emissions from tour vehicles.
Safety & Compliance:
    Non-compliance with TBMP guidelines by tour operators.
    Unsafe practices in handling tour groups in sensitive areas.
    Issues with tour operators not following established paths or zones.
Community Impact:
    Incidents where tourism activities disrupt local community life.
    Concerns over access to public spaces due to tourism operations.
    Feedback on the overall balance between tourism and community well-being.
Positive Feedback:
    Recognitions for tour operators excelling in sustainable practices.
    Examples of tour activities that positively contribute to the community or environment.
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Staying Current: Annual Updates Enhance TBMP Guidelines
Stakeholder feedback is vital to the evolution of TBMP's success. Every January, we initiate a collaborative review process that invites contributions from Juneau's visitor industry, TBMP members, and the City and Borough of Juneau. This collective effort is aimed at incorporating new insights and adapting to emerging challenges. Once finalized, the updated guidelines are shared with TBMP members and made readily accessible online and via email upon request.
TBMP Reporting
Our comprehensive reports, detailing the ongoing dialogue between the community and tour operators, are open to the public and ready for download.
Monthly Insights
Every month during the visitor season, TBMP compiles detailed reports reflecting community feedback and operational responses. These reports are disseminated among TBMP members and key city stakeholders, including the Assembly and management offices of the City and Borough of Juneau. For wider community access, they're also published on the CBJ's tourism webpage. See monthly logs below:
June 2024    May 2024    January-April 2024     
2023 Season
Analyzing Concerns
Our categorized logs provide insights into the nature and frequency of concerns raised by the community, as well as follow-up actions. This detailed log supports our continuous improvement by highlighting trends and areas of focus.
June 2024    May 2024    January-April 2024
2023 Season
Hotline Categories Overview
Dive into the Hotline Categories report for a comprehensive analysis of concerns, categorized by type and tracked both monthly and annually, to monitor our progress and identify patterns over time.
2024 Hotline Categories
2023 Hotline Categories
2000-2022 Hotline Categories