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Uniting Our Community and Tourism

Building bridges between Juneau residents and travelers for over 25 years


About TBMP

Since 1997, Tourism Best Management Practices (TBMP) has been instrumental in shaping a tourism sector that respects our residents and environment while delivering enriching experiences to our visitors. Our collaborative efforts involve a network of partners, from local tour operators and cruise lines to transportation services, retailers, hospitality entities, tour brokers, and governmental bodies, including the Tongass National Forest - Juneau Ranger District and the City and Borough of Juneau.
As TBMP has evolved, its influence has reached beyond our city, inspiring similar initiatives in coastal communities from Alaska (including Skagway, Ketchikan, and Wrangell) to Maine, as well as several international destinations. This global recognition underscores the universal value of our mission.
Our commitment is echoed by every TBMP member, who voluntarily pledges to safeguard the essence of Juneau, making it an exceptional place to live and visit.


TBMP -- How it Works

TBMP unites pivotal sectors: our residents of Juneau, the visitor industry, and the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), forming a framework that directs our program. Together, we balance the needs of tourism with the rhythm of local life.
Two-Way Dialogue for Progress
We operate through two primary channels: the guidelines and the hotline.
Guidelines: The best practices tailored for each facet of Juneau's visitor industry, from flightseeing to whale watching, are crafted with precision. These guidelines are what we navigate by, updated annually to reflect the evolving landscape of sustainable tourism.
Hotline Communication: An essential tool for transparency and responsiveness, our hotline empowers residents to voice concerns, complaints, or praise directly to tour operators. This direct line of communication fosters a proactive environment where issues are addressed promptly and effectively.
Voluntary membership in TBMP is a pledge to honor these guidelines, allowing operators to contribute positively to our community.
Commitment to Transparency
The CBJ leadership and TBMP members receive and review monthly hotline reports and concerns, a testament to our commitment to transparency. These records are not just documents but a public declaration of our continuous dialogue and action.
Interested in becoming of member of TBMP? Click here for more information on how to join.