Staff Contact Information

Employees of Travel Juneau

The staff at Travel Juneau works to meet the mission of the organization: to market Juneau to conventions, groups, and independent travelers.

The Travel Juneau team is comprised of seven full-time and one part-time staff members. Additionally, two seasonal employees and about 150 volunteers assist the organization with visitor inquiries at four welcome centers (Cruise ship terminal and Marine Park Kiosk locations are seasonal; airport and ferry terminal locations are year-round). Current year-round staff positions are as follows:

Liz Perry


Kara Tetley

Destination Marketing Manager

Ben Rubenstein

Destination Marketing Coordinator

Vicki Logan

Convention Sales Manager

Colleen Evanco

Partnership Services Manager

Alicia Leamer

Visitor Services Manager

Marissa Kuhn

Visitor Services Coordinator

Theresa Sullivan

Director of Finance