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Discover Juneau, Alaska

Juno, Jeuno, Junea, Jueno, Juneau – no matter how you spell it, Alaska’s capital city is a truly unique place

If Juneau were a type of music, we'd say it's part funk, part soul, part bluegrass, and a whole lot of classic rock. Here, you'll find an unexpected mix of fishermen and teachers, legislators and artists, lawyers and homemakers, dockworkers and frontier entrepreneurs, students and Native elders. Somehow we make it all work.

Spend a few days with us and you'll see why so many folks choose to visit and live here. In Juneau, you can watch humpbacks in the morning, take in a performing arts performance in the evening, and toss back a few locally brewed beers at night. We're eclectic that way. And we've got all the activities and attractions you'd expect in a state capital. We just share them without all the pretense. See what we're talking about -- watch our videos.

Not least of all, Juneau locals are a friendly bunch, if we do say so ourselves. We're a fiercely loyal type, and we love this city enough to want to share it with anyone who visits.

For those of you who've been and didn't get enough of us, check out the things you might have missed and start planning your Juneau re-do.

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