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A Century of Cruising

Planning a cruise to Juneau? Did you know you’re part of history?

That’s right. Tourists have been cruising the Inside Passage since 1881, when the Pacific Coast Steamship Company began offering monthly sailings aboard two ships, the Ancon and the Idaho.

Needless to say, cruising was a different experience back then. Standard cabin rate: $30; steerage, or, as we know it today “economy”: $15. Your ship was probably also carrying freight—of both legal and illegal varieties—and, sometimes, even livestock. Your traveling companions included Klondike gold prospectors. No waterslides.

Still, the route proved so popular Pacific Coast Steamship soon added a third ship, the Eureka (and, later, three more). Before long, a variety of competitors entered the market. The rest, as they say, is history. Be a part of it—cruise to Juneau.

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