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Local Lingo

Planning a cruise to Juneau? Did you know you’re part of history?

The Alaskan: more than a century-old hotel and bar in downtown Juneau, the state’s oldest operating hotel.

An Alaskan: glass, can or bottle of beer brewed by Juneau’s own award-winning Alaskan Brewery. Popular local activity: drinking an Alaskan at the Alaskan.

Auke Bay: part of town north of Mendenhall Valley, as well as the eponymous body of water and harbor.

The Bridge: officially the Juneau-Douglas Bridge, connects downtown Juneau with Douglas, across “The Channel.”

The Channel: officially Gastineau Channel, body of water separating downtown Juneau and Douglas.

Douglas: both the island immediately across from downtown Juneau, as well as the town at its southern end. Once a separate municipality, Douglas unified with Juneau in 1970.

Dollies: aka “Dolly Varden,” a type of trout marketed in the Lower 48 as “Arctic Char.” Lots of dollies in Juneau.

The Flats: neighborhood in downtown Juneau -- the flat part (duh).

Juneauite: Juneau local.

Lemon Creek: valley between downtown and the airport where you’ll find Costco, the Alaskan Brewing Co. and a bright blue hanging glacier.

North Douglas: actually more like west, as far as true ordinal direction, area of town to the “north,” once you cross the bridge, located along the North Douglas Highway (which, again, really goes west -- the whole state is full of wacky naming like this; better to just go with it). 

Out-the-Road: part of town north of Auke Bay, the least populated and “wildest” part of Juneau accessible by motor vehicle. 

The Road: Juneau’s one main north-south road, named Egan Drive between downtown and Mendenhall Valley, after which it changes its name to Glacier Highway until it ends around mile marker 40. 

The S.O.B.: not a person, but nickname for the State Office Building, 333 Willoughby Avenue, a well-recognized Juneau landmark. 

Sourdough: affectionate nickname for a long-time Alaskan.

The Valley: officially Mendenhall Valley, part of town between the airport and Auke Bay, along with downtown/Douglas one of Juneau’s two population centers.

XtraTufs: a popular brand of knee-high rubber boots, aka “Juneau Sneakers” or “Southeast Slippers.” Around here, they go with everything, from rain gear to formal wear.