Juneau Outdoor Activities

To fully soak up the Alaska experience, go with a pro who's in the know

Mountains, glaciers, wildlife, woods, and waters - Juneau's got 'em all! And one of the best ways to experience our natural landscape is by taking a professionally guided tour.

In the air ...

We've got glaciers for days, fed by the massive Juneau Icefield - there's nothing cooler than seeing our coldest features from the air! Flightseeing on a floatplane or helicopter offers unbelievable views and a variety of experiences for every level of adventurer.  

Another way to glide through the air is by taking the tram from near sea level to the mid-point of Mt. Roberts. The 1,800-foot  gondola trip takes just a few minutes and provides sweeping views of downtown and the Gastineau Channel. Enjoy the offerings at The Mountain House or get some hiking in while you're up there! 

On the ground ...

Go take a hike! No, really - you can stroll through hundreds of miles of trails in and around Juneau. Some guided trips even include transportation to and from the trail right from your hotel. For the truly hardy, try a little camping to heighten your Juneau adventure.

On two wheels, mountain bike excursions and rentals are available from local tour company bike shop. Or for a truly unique - and exhilarating! - way to see the land, take a guided zipline through a lush canopy of towering treetops.

Though you may not be wearing your bikini, Juneau is blessed with an incredible variety of beaches, too. The large daily tidal variations (from a high of 20 feet to a low of -4 feet) mean you can see intertidal wildlife most any day. 

On the water ...

Believe it or not, Juneau is smack-dab in the middle of the northernmost rainforest in the world. Water - whether in the form of ice, the flow of a river, or the calm ocean waters of the Inside Passage - forms the critical link that ties everything together.

Try kayaking the Mendenhall Lake (in front of the Mendenhall Glacier) for up-close views of icebergs, mountains, waterfalls, and that mighty chunk of ice. Or try a scenic rafting or canoeing tour around the Juneau area. You'll find abundant marine life and spectacular views from our waters. Tour companies can help you enjoy whatever watery adventure you choose.

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