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Bring it Home Program

Meetings mean $$ for Juneau and rewards for you

#DidJuneau that conventions, conferences, and meetings bolster Juneau’s economy by bringing in new dollars? Even small meetings can have a big impact.
#DidJuneau that if you bring new meeting business* to Juneau, you can earn Alaska Airlines tickets or other rewards for helping to bring that meeting to town?
How do you become a local champion for Juneau meetings?
Be direct – work with your organization’s planners and decision-makers to steer a meeting to Juneau, and contact the Travel Juneau Convention Sales Department. We’ll help you with the pitch, and provide all the information needed to choose Juneau.
Assist the Travel Juneau team - let the Travel Juneau Convention Sales Department know about your organization’s meeting size and usual dates, and how to contact the meeting planner(s). We’ll take it from there and keep you in the loop!
Either way, your organization will benefit from Travel Juneau’s local knowledge and array of complimentary planner services.
What’s in it for you?

If the meeting books

you’ll receive

your organization will receive

1000 + room nights

2 round-trip Alaska Airlines tickets – value of $2500

$5000 off the Centennial Hall invoice

600 – 999 room nights

1 round-trip Alaska Airlines ticket – value of $1250

50% off Centennial Hall facility rental up to $3000

300-599 room nights

A Juneau Staycation (total value of $750) – two nights at a prime property plus restaurant gift certificates

30% off Centennial Hall facility rental up to $1500

For details, contact Vicki Logan, Convention Sales Manager, at 907-586-1749 or email to Vicki.Logan@traveljuneau.com

*new business means that the organization 1) has never met in Juneau, or 2) met in Juneau more than 5 years ago AND Juneau isn’t in a regular rotation for the meeting