Tourism Works for Juneau

Dear Neighbors,

Let’s face it – if it weren’t for the spending and city sales tax generated through the visitor industry, residents of Juneau would not have many of the services, facilities, and amenities they now enjoy. The industry saves every Juneau household almost $1000 each year

The visitor industry benefits Juneau all year long. One way is that it helps businesses like Alaska Litho employ staff year-round. Listen below as Travis McCain talks about how the industry has helped him grow that printing company.

Another important aspect of the industry is that we are your friends and neighbors. Fun fact: the vast majority of tour operators, hotelier/B&B owners, and related businesses live in Juneau year-round. They own homes, pay property taxes on homes and businesses, sales taxes on their business purchases, and employ over 2600 people. Our partners have kids in school with yours, and many of the students in your neighborhood pay for their higher education with money earned in the industry. And visitor businesses are generous.

Our local industry partners receive requests – often 1 or 2 a day – to donate to a local cause, and they deliver. That’s because they are service-minded and believe in the Juneau community. Saralyn Tabachnick talks about the giving side of the industry and how that benefits AWARE’s programming and services. 

Visit this page often to learn more about how the visitor industry benefits you and the Juneau community.

- Liz Perry, President/CEO


How tourism directly supports economic growth in Juneau:
  • In 2018 the visitor industry spent $236,820,704 in the city of Juneau and generated $11,841,035 in CBJ sales tax.
  • In the absence of these CBJ taxes, each Juneau household would need to pay an additional $965 to fill the gap.
  • Nearly 3,000 jobs were a direct result of the Juneau visitor industry
  • Those jobs provided over $82 million in payroll


How tourism indirectly supports economic growth in Juneau:

State and local benefits