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Adventures in Alaska

FREE! (If you don't see whales)
FREE! (If you get seasick)
Our primary objective is for you to HAVE FUN! That's why we are rated outstanding on Trip Advisor by 97% of our patrons! That’s why we are the ONLY sea-tour to make such guarantees! (However, after many hundreds of tours, we have ALWAYS found whales and NEVER had anyone get seasick!)

Our tours are longer in length and more inclusive, and MUCH more personalized than cheaper competitors. Our tours are the LEAST expensive in Juneau on a cost/hour basis. Although we are Coast Guard certified for 10 passengers, we normally limit guests to 9 (except a family or single group). This way the experience is always very personal and uncrowded. (We will take up to 10 passengers if a family, or a group is travelling together.)

We have many decades of world-wide "deep-sea" experience, including over 30 years in Alaskan waters.

Check out "Inside Alsaka with Jeff Corwin" for wildlife scenes taken aboard "SCANIA."

  • Open Summer Only:
PO Box 240054, Douglas, AK 99824
Toll Free: (877) 586-3466