Author: Laurie Craig, Forest Service, Retired

Laurie Craig was a naturalist and interpreter at the US Forest Service’s Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center for more than 14 years. She organized and hosted the popular Fireside Lecture series each winter. She became well-known for her year-round newsletter messages and familiarity with the glacier’s bears. An artist by training, Laurie built essential connections between visitors, Juneau residents and wildlife with the goal of mutual respect and understanding. Laurie is enjoying retirement in Juneau and the return to her other profession as an artist. 

In a landscape defined by dense towering spruce and hemlock forests, wide open spaces are rare. Residents with boats and kayaks escape the confines of trees. Climbers who reach above the treeline find daylight, too. But for the average Juneauite and

There was only light wind at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center this summer, yet we would often come into work in the morning to find the entry doormats curled into a tube, as if a stiff breeze had rolled them up. But After a few days of