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Alaska Yacht Charters - Infinity Yacht Charters

“Best Vacation Ever!” That’s the most popular client comment for our charters on Alaska’s top private charter yachts – the ultimate way to experience SE Alaska!

We’ve spent a decade personally inspecting yachts and meeting the crews. Our free service gives you independent, objective advice on the best yachts and itineraries for you. Please see a selection of yachts on our website.

Step aboard for 6 or more nights and:

• Enjoy private time with your family and friends of up to 84 guests.

• For families, a charter optimized for children and family fun!

• Cruise scenic waterways winding through towering fjords and myriad islands, especially “off the beaten path” remote locations.

• See glaciers calving, with house size blocks crashing into the sea!

• Witness astonishing concentrations of wildlife. Enjoy intimate wildlife encounters with massive humpback whales, sea lions, bears and more. • Feel the excitement of world class fishing on some yachts, notably for salmon and halibut.

• Kayak sheltered waters for a close up look at shorelines and wildlife.

• Explore beaches and forests.

• Delight in exceptional, personalized cuisine which magically appears, tailored to your detailed food and beverage preferences.

• Glimpse frontier life and a wealth of historical, cultural and natural history with visits to remote communities.

We utilize proper contracts and provide independent escrow of your funds, so you are assured of a secure transaction.

In short, chartering a yacht in Alaska gives you a vast array of experiences.

Let’s plan your Alaska adventure!

Member: American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA)

Member: Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA International)

Member: Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA)

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