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Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, Renewable Juneau


Designed with the Juneau traveler in mind, Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund is a local approach to improving the affordability of housing in Juneau while offering visitors a carbon footprint tool.

Through the purchase of carbon offsets directly tied to the travelers' unique Juneau experience, visitors to Juneau can take responsibility for some of the carbon emissions of their outings while helping to reduce home heating costs for Juneau’s lower-income households.

Revenue raised from these offset purchases finances the replacement of home oil-heating equipment with clean and efficient air-source heat pumps.

Our site allows the offset of a cruise, flight, and water, air and land excursions. It’s simple, quick and a tiny price to pay that delivers a feel-good result. Visit juneaucarbonoffset.org today.

P.O. Box 22227, Juneau, AK 99801