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Southeast Conference

The mission of Southeast Conference is to undertake and support activities that promote strong economies, healthy communities, and a quality environment in Southeast Alaska.

Southeast Conference was formed in 1958 as an association of communities joined to advocate for establishment of the Alaska Marine Highway System. While our commitment to its development and efficient operation continues, Southeast Conference has greatly expanded both its membership base and its overall mission.

Today, Southeast Conference is a regional, nonprofit corporation that advances the collective interests of the people, communities and businesses in southeast Alaska. Members include municipalities, Native corporations and village councils, regional and local businesses, civic organizations and individuals from throughout the region.

Southeast Conference is the State-designated Alaska Regional Development Organization (ARDOR), the federally-designated Economic Development District (EDD), and the federally-designated Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D) for Southeast Alaska. Each of these designations requires Southeast Conference to take an active role in regional resource management and economic development planning.

9360 Glacier Hwy., Ste 201, Juneau, AK 99801