Author: Lina Stock, Divergent Travelers

Lina Stock is one half of the popular adventure travel blog, Divergent Travelers and an award-winning professional travel photographer. Together with her husband, David, they are on a mission to experience the world’s Top 100 Travel Adventures and document them on their site. They’ve been traveling together since 2001 and have visited 76 countries on 6 continents.

Food is a huge part of travel and a visit to Juneau is no exception. Located on the ocean, seafood is at the heart of the best food your money can buy in Juneau. When you’re done adventuring in the mountains and climbing on glaciers, be sure to fuel

Five days in Juneau was just enough time for me to realize I could spend a lifetime here and never tire of its beauty or adventure options. This is what makes Juneau a great destination for adventure and outdoor lovers. These 5 adventures showcase